CMED Entry Notifications

No emergency patient should arrive by ambulance at a hospital without notification through CMED. Entry notifications should be given 5 to 10 minutes prior to arrival and briefly describe the patient's age, sex and chief complaint. 

Only essential information needed for appropriate patient preparation should be relayed. A full patient report should be given to staff upon transfer of patient care at the hospital.

 Basic Entry Notification Guidelines:

  • Contact Worcester CMED on MED Channel 4:“Worcester CMED, Worcester CMED from (Service Name & #)”.
  • Wait for CMED to respond.
  • Requesting priority (1, 2, or 3 ALS/BLS) entry note to (Hospital Name).” CMED will direct you to a MED Channel; switch to that channel and acknowledge: “(Service Name/# on MED 2, 5, 22, 62, etc)” CMED will use entry tone requested.
  • Hospital/Doctor will respond. Confirm they hear you: “(Hospital Name), How do you Copy?”
  • We are transporting an (age) year old (male/female) complaining of (chief complaint). Vitals as follows – B/P, Pulse, and Respirations." Briefly provide treatment provided pertinent to chief complaint. (Ex: patient is in full c-spine or extremity splinted or Zofran given)
  • End with: Any Questions? Wait for Hospital to respond or acknowledge. Request to clear from the MED channel. CMED or Hospital may have questions or clarifications.