Info & Outlines for EMS Instructors

Medical Director Options

Prior to providing training for the following optional skills listed below, please educate the service to the following OEMS requirements included in protocol 6.0 as follows: Medical Director Options

The following conditions must be met in order for your service to provide any of the following optional treatments as listed below:

  1. The service has a written policy adopting use of the procedure, in accordance with the terms of this Protocol section, and such policy is signed by the service’s affiliate hospital medical director.
  2. The service’s affiliate hospital medical director has authorized each EMT to utilize the procedures in this section, based on his/her level of certification.
  3. The prehospital provider must be trained to use the procedure, in accordance with the minimum standard training component as outlined by DPH/OEMS, and as approved by the affiliate hospital medical director.


Albuterol Administration via Nebulizer, see OEMS Advisory 4/9/10 and Protocol 6.1

Glucometry, see AR 5-520


Selective Spinal Assessment (OEMS slides-not created by CMEMSC) which replaces Protocol 4.8 Spinal Column/Cord Injuries, see Protocol 6.4

*Sample written policy for spinal assessment

Cardio-Cerebral Resuscitation (CCR): Use Protocol 6.2 and consult with the service AHMD for appropriate training.

ALS Only

Needle Cricothyrotomy: Use Protocol 6.3 and consult with the service AHMD for appropriate training.

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