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Outlines / Slides

Instructors may use the educational materials posted, but they must obtain their own approval number.

NCCR Outlines

When using the NCCR Education Guides to deliver the content specified in these outlines, it's important for the instructor to explain that the content is information pre-hospital providers accross the nation need to know, not necessiarily what is allowed by the state through protocol.

NCCR AEMT Supplement

This outline is provided as a convenience. Intermediates & AEMTs need to take the 20 hour NCCR for EMTs plus 5 hours of the NCCR for paramedics. Instructors may wish to choose 5 different hours from the NCCR for paramedics, but should avoid Tourniquets, Field Triage, OB Emergencies, and Pediatric Transport because these courses are identical to the courses already taken in the NCCR for EMTs. 

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