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MDPH/OEMS Training Application Form (new for 2016-2017)

EMT Continuing Education Standards: AR 2-212

Applications for continuing education programs should be sent to the Region in which the course will be taught. Out of state course sponsors should submit applications for statewide approval directly to OEMS.

Open ("Blanket") Course Approval for the Calendar Year?

Course sponsors are required to notify OEMS and the Regional Council(s) of upcoming training sessions held under a "blanket" (open) approval number at least two weeks prior to teaching the course. Use the online notification form to notify CMEMSC and OEMS simultaneously.

MA EMS regulation requires that training have an approval number in advance: 105 CMR 170.960(F) Prior to receipt of Department approval for a training program pursuant to 105 CMR 170.960(A), no non-accredited training provider shall:

  •  - Advertise such a training program as approved by the Department;
  •  - Accept applications from prospective students; or
  •  - Conduct any classes for such a training program

EMS Continuing Education Course Roster

Course Completion "Certificate" template

Why do instructors need to sign the course certificates? See the answer on our FAQ page.

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