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Information for AHA Instructors

This page is for AHA Instructors affiliated with the AHA Training Center located at Central Mass EMS Corp. All other instructors should contact the Training Center (TC) with which they're affiliated for updates and information. (The TC is listed on the back of your BLS Instructor's card).


The AHA Instructor Network (IN) is your primary source for the latest in AHA Instructor news and information.


Community Involvement Links:

  1. Heart Rescue Now interactive rescue video
  2. Be the Beat™ Interactive web site with Heart Hero games
  3. Hand Only CPR™ interactive web site including information for your smart cell phones

AHA Courses

BLS Instructors may teach:

  1. Basic Life Support (BLS)
  2. Heartsaver CPR/AED (Adult, Child, Infant)
  3. Heartsaver First Aid (Adult): CPR/AED is an optional add-on
  4. Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED: Adult CPR/AED is an optional add-on
  5. Family & Friends CPR or First Aid (this course doesn't result in a card)

BLS Instructors may also provide skills practice & testing for eLearning (blended) courses after students complete Part 1 online for:

  1. HeartCode BLS
  2. Heartsaver CPR/AED
  3. Heartsaver First Aid

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AHA Attendance Rosters

CPR Roster Retention Requirements

The AHA requires that primary instructors maintain (for 3 years) the following course records:

  1. Copies of completed course rosters (assisting instructors should keep a copy for instructor recertification purposes)
  2. Skill performance sheets (see Part 3 Appendix A of your instructor manual)
  3. Written exam answer sheets
  4. Course evaluations
  5. Documentation related to problem resolution
  6. Evidence of use of the AHA course fee disclaimer for courses in which fees are charged

Credit for Multiple Instructors

Instructors: list assisting instructors ONLY if your class size is greater than 6. Assisting instructors will not receive teaching credit toward their recertification if the instructor to student ratio of 1:6 is already met.

Course Fees:

The AHA does not set or receive fees for courses. The following disclaimer MUST be printed on all course promotional brochures, announcements, agendas, or other materials distributed to students in courses for which fees are charged:

"The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in BLS, ACLS, and PALS and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American heart Association. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course material, do not represent income to the Association."


EMTs are required per 105 CMR 170.810(c)(1) to successfully complete a course meeting the standards of the AHA as documented by a current training card for CPR/AED for the health care professional (i.e., Basic Life Support or BLS).

OEMS acknowledges current authorization as a BLS Instructor as acceptable proof of current training at the Basic Life Support (BLS) level.  A separate BLS provider card is not required.


All AHA materials and publications are copyrighted. Unless you formally receive permission in writing from the AHA authorizing you to reproduce a publication or book, you cannot make copies of any copyrighted materials. See AHA.

Instructor Renewals

Instructor Renewals are due no later than the last day of the month of expiration. Contact CMEMSC to arrange for renewal: 508-854-0111.

Instructor renewal criteria*: Instructors may renew their status by meeting all of the following criteria:

  1. Teach a minimum of four (4) courses in two years
  2. Maintain BLS status as evidenced by current BLS card OR demonstrate acceptable BLS skills and successful completion (85% or greater) of the written BLS exam**
  3. Complete an update/review on new AHA information with the TC (if applicable)

-AND- one of the following

  1. Provide documentation that teaching ability was monitored by TC Faculty 
  2. Attend Instructor Renewal class (held quarterly at CMEMSC)
  3. One on one interview, written exam and skills demonstration at CMEMSC

*  Source: AHA Program Administration Manual

** Renewal class will also cover this requirement.


  • If deficiencies in content knowledge, skills performance, or teaching ability are noted, the Instructor may require remediation.
  • Instructors must repeat the initial Instructor recognition process if renewal criteria are not satisfied within the card expiration period.
  • It is the instructor's responsibility to keep track of his/her renewal date!


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