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Region II Stroke Point-of-Entry Plan

EMTs: please hail CMED and request a Stroke Alert and tell hospital staff immediately that you are calling with a Stroke Alert.

Remember to transport patients presenting with acute stroke symptoms to a hospital designated by the state to provide Primary Stroke Services (PSS):

     MDPH's List of Designated Primary Stroke Services Hospitals

Stroke Point-of-Entry Training Resources for Instructors (updated 2014-includes NCCR content)

  1. Stroke Point-of-Entry Outline
  2. Stroke POE Slides
  3. Stroke Terms
  4. Region II Stroke Point-of-Entry Plan
  5. Stroke Protocol 2.18
  6. Stroke Course Evaluation
  7. Stroke Exam, Answer Key , and Answer Sheet  ***MUST keep SECURE***

Other Resources

NINDS Stroke Information Page

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