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Points of Entry

State approved Regional Point-of-Entry Plans for specialized hospital destinations for patients experiencing significant trauma, acute stroke, ST-segment elevated myocardial Infarction, and need-based conditions (OB, pediatrics, or stable patients with established hospital association).

Stroke Point-of-Entry

Region II Stroke Point-of-Entry Plan

EMTs: please hail CMED and request a Stroke Alert and tell hospital staff immediately that you are calling with a Stroke Alert.

Trauma Point-of-Entry

link icon  Region II Trauma Point-of-Entry Plan (updated 9/2015)

link iconRegion II Trauma Point-of-Entry Power Point Slides (updated 9/2015)-download attachment below to access slides.

STEMI Point-of-Entry

"Need Based" Point-of-Entry

Approved Statewide Point of Entry Plan for Appropriate Health Care Facility Destination Based on Patient's Specific Condition and Need, Aug 2008, updated 2011 and 3/24/2016

Attachment A: MA SANE Sites for EMS POE